Tim Trost

Welcome to the official website of Tim Trost, the founder of Results By & Co-Founder of Stretchlab.

Mr. Trost is unquestionably one of the most sought-after celebrity fitness professionals in Los Angeles, receiving awards for his work from the fitness industry and from the media.  In 2015 Mr. Trost co-founded an uber successful business, Stretchlab.

Tim Trost is a master of fitness motivation and possesses a rare combination of deep fitness knowledge and a terrific ability to communicate that. He will change your perspective on fitness.


His insights are highly valued by his clients and other fitness professionals. Mr. Trost has a strong understanding of the functions and vital processes of the human body. His knowledge in health and fitness has aided in a success of Strethclabla.com.
Mr. Trost is a ISSA certified and a four year veteran of the United States Marine Corps.


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